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2020 was a year of challenges. But, God has been so good to us and blessed us in so many ways as…

We Worshipped:

  • We completed all of the tasks and purchased all of the materials needed to start livestreaming the week before churches were shut down.
  • During 7 weeks of no church services:
    • We reached 3,000 people weekly from 13 states, through livestreaming.
    • Pastor Larry prepared and preached a new sermon each week making his teaching applicable to what was going on in our lives, and our praise team and band led fresh worship each week.
    • Our Children’s Ministry staff prepared new, creative lessons each week that were emailed to parents to use in teaching Biblical truths to their children.
    • Our Children’s and Student Ministries had their Wednesday night activities every Wednesday night through Zoom.
  • We reopened the first week churches were allowed to have services (May 10th) with 110 in attendance including 3 new families.
  • We started Children’s Ministry again on Sunday mornings for one service on July 12th and both services on August 9th and have continued to grow in numbers. 
  • We have continued to grow in attendance each week averaging over 300 in attendance in the fall and have added about 100 people to our church.
  • We have continued to have the church open every Sunday for those who choose to come to church, and we have also continued to minister weekly to those who choose to worship through livestreaming.

We Added to Our Campus:

  • We remodeled our parking lot allowing for a few more parking spots and additional sidewalks for safety and ease in walking between buildings and from the back parking lot to the building.

We Built Relationships:

  • Our Children’s Ministry staff visited the home of every child in our church at least once during the 7 weeks we were closed.
  • 28 Life Groups started in the fall including 5 Bible studies for women and our Journey Group and Christian Business Men’s Lunch for men.
  • Our staff was encouraged through attending the virtual RightNow Media Conference.
  • We launched our first Cross Pointe app that serves several functions in keeping our church connected.

We Ministered:

  • During our 7 weeks without services, our staff and Life Group leaders all worked diligently to contact everyone in our church every week.
  • In January we collected baby bottles filled with coins to support New Beginnings Pregnancy Center.
  • We collected 140 boxes (plus those packed online) for Operation Christmas Child in November.
  • In December we once again ministered to the Saving Grace girls through our Giving Tree Christmas gifts.
  • We never missed our monthly support for our missionaries in France, Ethiopia, and The Navajo Reservation.
  • We continued to minister to our community through monthly support for Life Source in Fayetteville and the Samaritan Ministry in Springdale.
  • We celebrated our 15th birthday as a Church Family in August.
  • In November we had one of the largest baptismal services in the history of our church.

We Had Fun Together:

  • Our Children’s Ministry had great events for the kiddos – Daddy Daughter Dance, special Valentine’s Day Event, “Kids Cruise”, a social distancing parking lot event, Family Olympics, and great Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. 
  • Our Student Ministry had a successful Disciple Now weekend as well as their well-attended Sunday morning small groups and The Hype every Wednesday night.
  • The Young Adult Ministry had Sunday lunches, Games Nights, Thursday night Bible studies, a Valentine Party, as well as other fun activities.
  • Our Women’s Ministry hosted a very special Ladies Christmas Market with more ladies in attendance than in 2019.
  • Church-wide events included Freedom and Family Night in June with lots of great relationship time and an amazing firework show and our Fall Family Event in November with 130 people of all ages having fun together.

We Gave:

  • Our church gave $22,664 in our Birthday and Christmas Offerings which was all applied towards the principal on our Atrium loan. Our Church Family gave an additional $27,335 above our regular offerings to help pay off the Atrium. This allowed us to reduce our debt by $49,999
  • Financially, we had the highest budget ($768,744) and giving ($845,411) in the history of our church!

2020 was not merely a year of surviving but a year of THRIVING!!!!